In this “Arab Street” podcast, titled “Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch” (Part 3), you will hear Ramzy interview Ustadhah Zainab on how to conclude your visit to an Arab family’s house for lunch, all the way until the moment you’re in the car.

 You’ll discover such things as:

  • What to expect after lunch (yes, there’s more coming).

  • How tea doesn’t just warm you in the winter, but magically cools you in the summer, too.

  • How much of the “fruit smorgasbord” you’re expected to eat.

  • What it secretly means when the coffee comes.

  • What happens now to the sweets you brought in the beginning.

  • What in the world does “we walked” mean?

  • The subtle little messengers that you’re ready to go.

  • Another trick for your “bag of tricks.”

  • And…do you need to kiss again?