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Largest Solar Power Station to be in Abu Dhabi | Lessons in Media Arabic

You might associate the Abu Dhabi with oil, but did you know that it’s also pioneering green energy? Watch as Qasid instructor Dr. Khaled Abu Amsha guides you through a recent Al-Jazeera.net article on this exciting development. You’ll learn important science and technology vocabulary and hone your reading skills with tested reading strategies.

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May God Give You Well Being — Lessons in Jordanian Arabic

The Arabs like using phrases with multiple meanings. In this lesson, Hani and Sohail talk about a phrase to use in multiple situations. This mini lesson is a part of our Tasali series, where we bring you small bite sized lessons on practical phrases in the Arabic language, so you are in the know-how of [...]

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Whoever Digs a Hole for His Fellow Man – Arabic Proverbs

Proverbs have always been words of wisdom uttered by our ancestors in an eloquent style. Whoever digs a hole for his fellow man [to fall into], falls into it himself. The proverb is used when someone tries to harm his fellow man but gets harmed himself.

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8 Memorization Tips to Make Arabic Vocabulary Stick

Let’s face it. One of the major frustrations a student of Arabic faces is “how can I gain/retain all this vocabulary”. Remember that time you walked out of the classroom and were expected to memorize 40 new words? Your teacher then called on you the next day to make a sentence using the words you [...]

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